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Celebrating Composing and Creativity

On Wednesday morning all of Year Four and Five, and a year group from Freemantle Primary School enjoyed a fantastic celebration event with English National Opera singers and musicians. The children heard a live performance of a piece they have been studying called “Blue, Red, Yellow …” and got to meet Omar, the composer of this piece that inspired us to write our own music!


Each class gave a performance of their own colour pieces which were composed last term. They were all so different and contained all of the children’s creative ideas that they had worked on.


Meharaj (Y4) said, “It was amazing!”


Summer (Y5) said, “It was so fun because we could express how we wanted to play our colours on instruments. Seeing how other people interpreted colours was really interesting. It was good to see the professional singers and musicians, and showed us what we could do one day.”


Amara (Y5) said, “I felt really honoured because we could see the mixtures of colours, emotions and expression from everyone that performed.”


We were so proud to learn this week that Lime Class' piece "Black" was one of only 30 in the country to be made into an animation. You can watch it here:


All the class pieces are now available on SoundCloud. Scroll down to find the four Hollybrook class pieces:

Stream ENO Engage | Listen to Finish This 23/24 South East playlist online for free on SoundCloud


If you want to know more about the project, you can find more information here:

Celebrating Finish This... 2023-24: Primary, Secondary & SEND | ENO


Mrs Thompsett