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The writing curriculum at The Hollybrook Schools starts as soon as the children begin school.  We encourage all children to engage in mark making and try to provide high quality models of writing to support and enthuse the children.  We aspire for the children of Hollybrook to be creative and thoughtful writers who are prepared for the next stage in their education journey.


Our reading and writing curriculum are closely matched to ensure the children have a rich diet of high quality language and literature from which to draw examples to support their writing.  We follow the National Curriculum closely and give the children rich experiences to ensure there are purposeful opportunities to write for a range of audiences.  As part of our writing curriculum we teach explicit spelling lessons and ensure high quality teaching of handwriting, grammar and punctuation. 


We value the importance of writing as a life skill and ensure the children have many opportunities to complete a full writing cycle of plan, draft, edit and publish, ensuring we explicitly teach each of these aspects of the writing curriculum.